Set in the heart of the Armorique National Park and formed by two Breton words - 'Huel’ (High) and ‘Koat’ (wood or forest) - the name Huelgoat means high forest or wood on the hill.

A area full of natural fauna and wildlife with acres of forest and open spaces

Built beside a beautiful lake of 15 hectares, Huelgoat is an inland resort with two very contrasting characters. Huelgoat will provide you with a convenient base from which to explore the region.

Canoeing, boating, walking, cycling and fishing are all available in this paradise for outdoor enthusiasts

The town is bright and open, with lakeside walks, pedalo hire, fishing, tennis, cycling and horse riding. In summer the town boasts an open air swimming pool.

Horse riding, swimming and tennis facilities are all available locally

Go to the bridge over the lakes’ outflow and you will be transported into a different world.  Through a chaos of jumbled rocks, you can wander along footpaths through some of the most beautiful forest in Brittany, where Beech, Oak and Conifers cloak the landscape of leafy glades With bubbling streams and mysterious Celtic Stones, where the legends of King Arthur, Merlin and the Druids survive. Known as the ‘Moulin du Chaos’ the granite rocks, have taken on curious rounded forms through years of erosion. See ‘The Virgins Cooking Pots’ or experience ‘The Trembling Rock’ - one touch of the finger and the 8 ton boulder actually trembles!